Here are the 10 most popular teaching tips that teachers use.

These are things that you can say to the child if he or she gets stuck on a word. You can tell the child that these are things that they can remember to do on their own, even when you aren’t there to help.

  1. “Get your mouth ready to make the first sound of the word.”
  2. “Use the pictures to look for clues.”
  3. “Stretch out the word and say each sound slowly out loud so you can hear yourself.”
  4. “Look for a chunk or a part that you know.”
  5. “Read the words you know in a snap!” (and then snap your fingers to emphasize ‘quick’).
  6. “Flip the vowel sounds from short to long, Remember, long vowels say their name.”
  7. “Skip the words you don’t know and come back to them later.”
  8. “Read carefully to the end of the word and look for an ending that you may know.”
  9. “Read the sentence again.”
  10. “Last… ask for help.”